Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Sean Harden is a product of the South Side of Chicago. He was raised by a close-knit family where the concept of achievement meant leveraging individual strengths and a network of relationships—not only for individual benefit but for the benefit of the community. It was an environment where a tireless work ethic and lifelong personal development were not only goals—they were a way of life. This is where he learned to ask bold questions, take on new challenges, and embrace his entrepreneurial spirit.

As a leader, practitioner, and voice for positive change, Sean combines his technical skills in negotiating and structuring complex deals with his community and economic development background to uncover opportunity and create value in the form of social impact and financial returns. He is also a trusted advisor able to assess an environment and provide decisive counsel on critical decisions.

In 2016, Sean directed all of the real estate acquisition construction and management activities in Chicago for Greenlining Realty USA—a national real estate and management firm. He and the Greenlining team delivered the first blockwide real estate development in more than three decades in Chicago’s West Woodlawn neighborhood.

As part of this effort, Sean structured and negotiated the multimillion-dollar investment that funded the development of nine single family homes and managed the day-to-day construction. The first sale—a renovated +120-year-old property in the Woodlawn Pointe development— outperformed ROI projections.

In January 2022, Sean founded Hard Wright Development – a commercial and residential real estate development firm that will focus on driving comprehensive neighborhood redevelopment and revitalization.


Since 2013, Sean has also led his own advisory firm, Harden Wright Consultant Group, providing strategic planning, grant management and administration, organizational and business development, performance management, government relations, and community engagement expertise to small and mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

Previously, as the CEO and President of Goodcity, Sean created new revenue streams for its business and non-profit incubator by migrating the organization to a fee-for-service consulting, training, and resource management model. From 2009 to 2011, he served as the Deputy CEO of Community Affairs for the Chicago Public Schools where he led a $10M effort to contract with community-based organizations throughout the city—an initiative that provided mentoring support to high school students at risk of violence.


The trajectory of Sean’s career began as a job developer with the Blue Gargoyle Youth Service Center. Due to his success in helping place dozens of young men and women in jobs, he was offered a Project Manager position with the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development. He quickly advanced into a Director role where he created thousands of employment opportunities across the Chicago metropolitan area with blue-chip enterprises like Ford Motor Company and Boeing as well as small and mid-sized local businesses.

In 2005, in the midst of a government restructuring, he was recruited by the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) to join the Chicago office and their mission to create socially and economically vibrant neighborhoods. As the Program Officer for the Great Neighborhoods Initiative, he underwrote loans that funded catalytic projects in Chicago’s low- and moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods. In addition, he provided grants and technical assistance that supported community-driven development and revitalization in Chicago’s Woodlawn, Pilsen, Humboldt Park, and Englewood communities.

Sean’s service and leadership contributions to the Chicago community extend beyond his role as an executive leader. He is a member and the current chair of the Board of Directors for Friend Health Center—the sixth-largest federally qualified health center in Illinois.

Sean’s education includes Business Administration and Marketing Studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta as well as numerous certifications, including Certified Construction Manager (in progress) and Project Management Certification from DePaul University’s Egan Urban Center. He was a participant in the by-invitation only Civil Leadership Program sponsored by the University of Illinois. He has also completed certifications in Financial Understanding & Analysis and Effective Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Utilization.

Services Offered

– Specialized Expertise: Optimization of limited service restaurant operations.
– Strategic Integration: Seamless strategies for improved customer experience and operational efficiency

– Comprehensive Expertise: Providing business consulting services across sectors.
– Strategic Advice: Addressing operational, financial, and organizational challenges with precision.

– Competence Across Sectors: Administration of programs spanning restaurant operations, housing, public health, urban planning, and education.
– Regulatory Navigation: Skills in navigating diverse program requirements and regulations.

– Financial Proficiency: Services covering investment activities, public finance, and general government support.
– Strategic Planning: Capability in providing strategic financial planning, investment advice, and fiscal management.

– Specialization in Construction: Proficiency in construction services, particularly for real estate and restaurant operations.
– Project Management:*Ability to manage construction projects, develop housing, and engage in real estate-related activities.

– In-depth HR Knowledge: Expertise in human resource consulting.
– Tailored Training Programs: Designing HR guidance and customized training programs for diverse industries.

Why work with us?

What sets Concessionaire Retail Solutions?

Specialized Restaurant Expertise

– Differentiator: Unparalleled expertise in optimizing limited service restaurant operations.
– Value Proposition: Our specialized focus on restaurant management ensures tailored strategies for enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Versatile Multi-Sector Approach

– Differentiator: Competence in administering programs across diverse sectors, including restaurant operations, housing, public health, urban planning, and education.
– Value Proposition: A versatile partner capable of navigating complex program requirements across different industries.

Strategic Financial Mastery

– Differentiator: Proficiency in financial services spanning investment activities, public finance, and general government support.
– Value Proposition: Strategic financial planning and fiscal management expertise for both public and private entities, setting us apart as financial leaders.

Integrated Construction Solutions

– Differentiator: Specialization in construction services for both real estate and restaurant operations.
– Value Proposition: Our ability to manage construction projects, develop housing, and engage in real estate-related activities offers an integrated approach for comprehensive solutions.

Tailored HR and Training Excellence

– Differentiator: In-depth knowledge and services in human resource consulting and professional development training.
– Value Proposition: Tailored HR guidance and customized training programs designed to meet the unique needs of diverse industries, emphasizing our commitment to workforce excellence.